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Sandbox Public Credentials

The Sandbox environment can supply static example API responses for each endpoint with public credentials.

To access static example API responses:

  1. Set your host to
  2. Set the request header X-Voltus-API-Key: secret.

For live dispatch simulations with your Voltus-provided sandbox key, see Sandbox Dispatch Simulation Environment.

GET Dispatches

Retrieve a static list of dispatches.

GET Sites

Retrieve a static list of sites.


GET webhooks retrieves a sample list of webhooks.

POST webhooks will validate your request and respond with 200 OK or 400 Bad Request. It will not make a test request to the webhook URI supplied, and will not persist the webhook.

To create persistent webhooks and send dispatch notifications to your webhook, see Sandbox Dispatch Simulation Environment and Create an Integration With Webhooks.

GET/POST Telemetry

Use the Voltus Sandbox API ( and sandbox sample credentials (API key = secret) to send or get telemetry data (aka energy usage data or interval data). When you hit POST or GET telemetry in the sandbox, the endpoint will respond with 200 OK but it will not save the telemetry data.